Small Town Films edited the trailer for the Indiegogo campaign for Kootenay director and human rights advocate Rachel Schmidt’s latest film Defensora. This film documents the Mayan Q’eqchi people’s struggle to reclaim their ancestral lands, and find justice for the murder, shootings and rapes that have occurred in their communities. The film investigates why they have filed lawsuits here in Canada, against a Canadian owned mining company.

By telling these stories “… Defensora will examine if impunity is the norm in North America when it comes to holding large resource extraction companies legally accountable for human rights violations, environmental harms and crimes they cause in other countries. Most importantly, the film will build a community of support around the Mayan Q’eqchi people and the lawsuits they have launched in Canada.”

Please join Small Town Films in supporting and spreading the word about this important project and the plight of these people. Indiegogo campaigns are a direct way for people to support the independent production of content that interests them. Help produce the sort of media you want to watch. This campaign closes on September 19th.