Small Town Films produced Can-Filters’ in-line fan test to demonstrate and compare products on the market against their 8 inch in-line fans. Can-Filters in-line fan display test (script:) Welcome to the Hydroponic In-Line Fan Test. Today we will compare four brands of in-line fans. The test will show which 8 inch fan is the strongest. To start the test we turn the switch on… Wow right away the Max 8 lifts the ball to the top. After a second or two the Can Fan also lifts the ball to the top. Let’s start with the 8 inch Max Fan, it uses a 170 Watt motor and the box states 675 CFM. You’ll notice the ball all the way to the top of the tube. Next up is the Active Air 8 inch fan, using 200 Watts of power and claiming 720 CFM. Hmm the ball is not lifting at all. Let’s move on to the Valu Line 8 inch fan, it uses a 228 Watt motor and claims 745 CFM. Again the ball does not lift. We move on to the the Can-Fan high output 8 inch. The Can Fan uses 255 Watts and has a CFM rating of 722. The ball is also at the top of the tube. Obviously not all CFMs listed on the box are true. Let’s shut off the display and see if we get the same results if we switch fan locations. Let’s start them up. Wow again the Max Fam dominates followed by the Can Fan. The Max-Fan and Can-Fan have true, certified ratings. Don’t trust CFMs on the box, as you can see some companies inflate the CFM ratings on the box. Don’t get short changed, use a certified CFM, made in Germany, Max-Fan or Can-Fan. Thank you for your consideration while buying an in-line fan, Stay tuned for more fan comparison test. Available now is the Can-Lite carbon filter, the light weight champion of the filter world. Thank you.